JACK Machines Machines C4 & A5- for higher productivity & efficiency


♦JACK Machines Machines C4 & A5- for higher productivity & efficiency

C4 which is a high speed automatic overlock machine has a lot of interesting features. The machine has an electronic device which provides oil proof voice guide.

Along with that C4 comes with attractive things like factory reset, Led light, auto sensor, voice guides, hand wheel With cooling fan and USB Port. The voice Guide, Voice Alarm and Broadcast Solution makes the machine easy to operate and user friendly. The biggest advantage of the machines is that a very high efficiency can be achieved by using the machine as it can attain high speed which can reach to 7000 r.p.m which enhances the efficiency by upto 35%-100% as compared to normal machine. Factory owners can earn more than Rs 22000 per month using the machine.

Only one key is required to reset and one key to take back to user setting of factory setting.

Some Unique Features include:

• Single Shaft Drive: it enables stable and fast reduces machine torque making the sewing fast stable and durable.

• Intelligent Recognition : The wear proof light sensor recognises different light and fabric automatically which saves on time

• For Narrow And Wide Edge: Machine is suitable for 6- 10mm without Changing needle gauge.

JACK A-5 For High Quality & Fast Speed

A-5 a fully automatic machine that leaves no thread tail is semi dry and can perform very efficiently. The machine has factory reset; reverse level, presser foot sensor; auto bobbin winder; voice guide; hand Wheel with Cooling Fan and USB Port. The machine is made in German design and can offer very high quality and beautiful stitches without trimming thread tail. While the initial sewing is without bird nest, the thread tail remains within 3mm after trimming. Moreover, the stitch is locked automatically to prevent the thread skipping, which makes the stitches beautiful. Since there is no need to trim the thread tail it saves on time, labour and money.


1) Semi Dry: The thread takes up lever bearing

2) Sealed Oil Pan so there is no Oil and the machine surface remains clean and durable.

3) A5 has single shaft design as compared to other brands which, reduces the moment force of the machine making the sewing fast stable and durable.

4) Voice Guide Oil Alarm The machine alarm will automatically ring when the oil is too much or too less which avoids splitting or stucking. Reset and voice guide functions are also provided. Auto Thread trimming auto reverse, auto presser foot lifter and electronic thread tension are equipped as standard. Less bird-nest device , pneumatic, and electronic suction device are optional.