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APD Exports’ Geared for a new Knits Factory

(Ishan Kapur and Priyanka Kapur from APD Exports)

APD EXPORTS a Mumbai based export house established in 1984 by Dilip Dudani is gearing up for new accolades and benchmarks. The company is known for manufacturing trendy garments to meet every gender’s fashion. Having spent nearly twenty one years in the garment export industry, Dilip Dudani has been able to constantly bring a fresh perspective to the trade. Priyanka Kapur, daughter of Dudani is now taking the company to new heights along with her spouse Ishan Kapur. Power driven and determined Priyanka and Ishan aspire to expand the organisation and make it more productive and efficient at every process.

The product range manufactured and exported from its factories is diverse ranging from casual and street wear shirts including knit-woven combination shirts; dresses, blouses, tunics, skirts, and nightwear; kids clothing for both girls and boys starting from age-group two years onwards to 18 years, which includes products like boys shirts, girls tops, girls casual pants, shorts , dresses, etc. The company lays emphasis on detailing like prints/ embroideries and washes.

In a face to face conversation with Team Perfect Sourcing the husband wife duo shared their future ventures and the USP of company. The company’s head office is in Mumbai with state of the art of showroom. “Our core strength lies in product development and design inputs offering latest trends and in-depth study to bring the newness in the ever-changing fashion world,” said Priyanka. Besides this the company is known for creating a innovative range using variety of fabrics like 100% cotton, blends like viscose, cotton-linen mix, cotton-spandex, cottonpolyester, and so on. “Our specialisation lies in garments with special treatments, washes, value additions like print and embroidery,” she averred.

The company has production units in Bangalore with 350 machines and can manufacture about 1,20,000 garments/ month. The Bangalore processing factory has been working with buyers like s. Oliver, Espirit, Shopco and Kohl’s and the factories. The manufacturing plant is BSCI compliant factory. Along with this their in-house sampling unit in Mumbai is fully equipped to make 110 samples a day. The average production capacity in Mumbai is approximately 85,000-1,00,000 pieces a month and manufactures men’s shirts, ladies’ blouses, dresses. Technology being the most essential apparatus to enhance efficiency and profitability has been a strong focus for the company. Thus, the company has partnered with apparel software companies like Visual gems and has implemented a companywide ERP system to cover garmenting processes under one roof. “We have always believed in having latest technology and thus we have installed Japanese weaving machines from Barudan in Mumbai and Bangalore to guarantee astounding and exactness in weaving on the items.,” asserted Ishan.

The company is mainly making shirts, in fact, 80% of its range is comprises of men’s woven shirts. However, now the company is moving a step ahead and is planning to add a new knits factory soon. “We also plan to get into the domestic market under the brand, Mentain Cotton,” informed Priyanka. “My sister came up with this brand, where we make pyjamas, boys’ shirts and table linen. We have been very successful with boys’ shirts as it is our USP,” she added.

Sharing his views about the current scenario in apparel industry, Ishan said, “There was a time when duty drawback was 20% , but now with GST coming over, we don’t even know what will be the scenario. We were sure of three years of ROSL, but now everything is off the table. The future seems a little uncertain with GST and Duty drawbacks. Priyanka also mentioned that the import duty in Bangladesh and Vietnam are very cheap in contrast to India. The main concern both shared was about the import duties which if lowered can give a boost to business. “The competitiveness is shifting towards the other countries, India has immense potential for value added business and it is should be cashed on,” pointed Ishan. Currently the company has a turnover of Rs 80 cr and with right product mix, good buyers and new factories in pipeline the company is looking forward to good growth in the next FY.