BRUCE Industrial Sewing Machine Sees Good Response at CISMA


♦BRUCE Industrial Sewing Machine Sees Good Response at CISMA

(L-R) Lin Jie, GM Global, Bruce with Sudhakar Verma, Country Head, Bruce, India

BRUCE that is being taken over Jack Sewing Machines offers UBT machines that can save power and increase efficiency by more than 30%. 'We are now promoting Bruce machines in full swing in India and are offering complete service back up for the same. At CISMA the response for the machines has been really good, people have appreciated the technology,' said Sudhakar Verma from the company. The machines that we offer can be used for pattern making and can be used for leather material, shoes, and cars seats also.

Bruce industrial sewing machine was founded in 2006, the company is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Sewing equipment. The company makes high-speed package sewing machine, high-speed screw fastening machine, flat head keyhole machine, high speed special machine, high speed curved wrist machine, high-speed sets of node machine, multi needle sewing machine, high-speed stretch sewing machine, high speed small square head stretch sewing machine and many more.


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