Euromac DISPLAYS WIDE Range of Machinery at Cisma


♦Euromac DISPLAYS WIDE Range of Machinery at Cisma

(Johan Grieten, President Euromac Asia Ltd)

At Cisma Euromac displayed EM 9221 Double head pocket setter, which can process 360 pockets per hour, depending on the stitching design. The unit is equipped with an easy adjustable cold folding group also. The machine has high quality pattern sewers with Japanese shuttle hooks stitching area 300*225 mm. The pocket moving, and transport from first to second head, are done by high speed servo motors, with a 0.005mm precision. The machine is operated through a touch screen with I/O test function. The speed of the transport motors is programmable, for different fabric qualities. The machine has two heads structure which can increase the productivity. Along with this easy adjustable cold folding group is also available in machine. Moulds are easy changeable, by buttons on the touch screen. This will low down the changing time, less down time. All main electrical and pneumatic parts are from Siemens and SMC Siemens control system. While speaking to Perfect Sourcing, Johan Grieten, President, Euromac Asia Ltd said,“ The exhibition has been interesting for us as we have met many potential clients and they also have appreciated our product range.”


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