MACPI Showcases Complete Range of Finishing Machines


♦MACPI Showcases Complete Range of Finishing Machines

(L-R) Eleonora Cartabbia with Paolo Cartabbia at the booth in CISMA

Macpi spa Pressing Division has been operating since 1961 as one of the leaders in the pressing field and has developed new revolutionary pressing techniques. The owner Paolo Cartabbia opened Macpi Shanghai production site 15 years ago and is ready to expand the reigns of his company along with Enrico his son. Macpi has been in the pressing field for many years and has developed new revolutionary pressing techniques. The continuous attention to the needs and tendencies of the market, combined with the strong tradition of design and manufacturing, have led Macpi spa Pressing Division to produce very high-tech machines with a constant technical and commercial development throughout time.

At Cisma, the company was specifically present to target the Chinese market as it has huge potential. 'We are closing many deals in China for pressing machines. We are also seeing growth from India, Ethopia and hoping to close more deals in the future. Machines are going in these countries in good numbers because of good taxation policies and search for quality. The quality of employees is very good in Ethopia,' averred Paolo. He also mentioned that for them the European market is also very good as the demand for quantity as well as quality exists. 'Today everyone is looking for automatic machinery because in China and other countries labour cost going up and also they have employees who are old, some employees take only automation machines.'


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