Ina Garment Production System Attracts Visitors


♦Ina Garment Production System Attracts Visitors

N SERIES Receives good Response

Manpreet Singh Walia, Country Manager (India), INL International Technology PTE Ltd

At the recently concluded CISMA, Shanghai INA the Singapore based company that is known for bringing automatic hanger systems reported a great response. Particularly the N series which can be used for products like underwear, woolen knits’ swim wear ’ women’s wear’ pyjamas and knitwear. Speaking about the N series, Manpreet Singh Walia, Country Manager (India), INL International Technology PTE Ltd said,“The internet of things for hanger system, a master engineer for total garment production system is the USP of this system.”

Some of the features of N-Series include, a display that shows company’s information and production line grouping, study structure, newly designed and improved cylinders, RFID Hangers, new input display for easy operation; small motor which is helpful in making it energy saving and environment friendly.

Wireless communication in station terminal allows free adjustment and control of installation location convenience in operation while standing or seated. Different screens display production efficiency and payroll for single operator at multiple stations and processes. Also, the terminal screen display mode such as IE analysis target gives management production detail. The hanger system is equipped with intercommunication for help between PC Station and work station voice reminder. The bridging of assembly line and finishing line can achieve automatic connection of production date.

“Based on plant space production capacity and special demands from customer’s INA offers comprehensive training courses, including production management; INA Garment management and IE Management to clarify system features and operation work flow which helps the clients in understanding the machine faster and better,” said Manpreet.

The company’s product range received a good response at the exhibition and received enquiries from not only China, but countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and many more.


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