PEGASUS Sees Good Response at CISMA


♦PEGASUS Sees Good Response at CISMA

(John Tan, Vice President, Pegasus Singapore Pte Ltd)

PEGASUS SEWING MACHINE MFG. CO. LTD. has always created high quality sewing machines as well as an extra-high speed sewing machine running at a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm Established in 1914 in Japan, Pegasus has been the pioneer of many key developments in the field of overlock, safety chainstitch and interlock machinery. Pegasus constantly improves and innovate its products to meet the new stringent standards of quality control and production efficiency expected by the garment industries of today. High speed, durable, operator and technically friendly, are some of the words that are synonymous with the name of Pegasus. Coupled with efficient and responsible manpower, Pegasus is poised to take on the new challenges of the apparel industry with vigour and confidence. While speaking to Team Perfect Sourcing, John Tan, Vice President, Pegasus said, “Cisma this year is incredible as a lot of brands have started expanding and many new international brands are entering. They need top quality machinery. We are getting a great response for the technology we have showcased. As far as the Indian market is concerned it has seen enough downfall due to the new tax rules but now the market will only go upwards. So in 2018 we can look forward to better business prospects.”


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