Typical Reports Good Response from CISMA


♦Typical Reports Good Response from CISMA

(Jinshan (Michael) Chen from Xian Typical Industries)

At CISMA this year Typical Sewing Machine that will soon start its own office in India came up with an interesting range of machines. One of which was the GC6930A, a high speed semi oil lockstitch sewing machine. The machine has interconnection of intelligent stitch length adjusting system, intelligent thread tension adjusting system and material thickness detecting system. Most importantly, the machine has pattern sewing micro stitch bar tacking and other advanced sewing techniques. The machine can eliminate the intensive stitch during step sewing process, ensure the coherence of stitch length and thread tension. Along with that the ordinary model of the machine makes it user friendly which can be operated with touch screen control. The machine can be connected to smart phone APP Control.

The machine does not require Pre Winding For Bobbin Winder and is simple and efficient. The USB Socket helps in transfer of procedure with big data more easily. It also provide 5V Power To Led Light Small fan and other electronic peripherals. The Needle Prevent Function in the machine solves the needle broken problem during back tack during sewing of heavy material.


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